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SPA | Scottish Portrait Awards Registered charity SC044753 | Registered office 24 Rutland Square, Edinburgh EH1 2BW

The Scottish Portrait Awards Team

Members of the organizing committee of the Scottish Portrait Awards include:

Gordon Mitchell, SPA Director/Chair of the Fine Art Panel

Siobhán Coward, Chair of the Photography Panel

Sara Cameron McBean, SPA Coordinator

Hilary Mounfield

Dai Lowe  

Junko MacKenzie

George McBean

Joyce Campbell

Colin Munro

Charlotte Cole

Esme Young

Emma Jewson

The SPA Fund is a dedicated fund on the Charities Aid Foundation website that has been set up by the Scottish Arts Club Charitable Trust. The SPA Fund accepts one-off or annual donations. Your contribution will help to support the SPA prizes, the promotion of the awards, the exhibition or our education programmes and workshops. Donate below or contact us to learn more about the Awards and how you can get involved. Contact SPA Team Members Hilary Mounfield at: hilary@scottishportraitawards.org

or Sara Cameron McBean at: sara@scottishportraitawards.org

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About us

The Scottish Arts Club Charitable Trust

The Scottish Portrait Awards is a project of the Scottish Arts Club Charitable Trust. The Trust was set up in 2014 to advance all forms of the creative arts in Scotland, to improve the accessibility of the creative arts to the general public and to encourage and assist in the development of up-and-coming artists, exhibitors and performers. It is chaired by Charles Scott with Trustees Hilary Mounfield, Gordon Mitchell and Sara Cameron McBean (see www.sacctrust.org/about).

The Trust supports a range of awards and prizes in addition to the Scottish Portrait Awards, as well as exhibitions and concerts. The  Trust is independent and relies on donations in order to continue its work. All Trustees and supporters give their time and experience on a voluntary, unpaid basis.

The Scottish Portrait Awards Foundation Supporters

The Scottish Arts Club Charitable Trust is grateful to our foundation supporters whose generous support enabled the launch of the Scottish Portrait Awards:

Irene Adams
Sheila Colvin

Siobhán Coward

Professor Aileen Keel CBE
Lord Smith of Kelvin
Mr. and Mrs. Markos Symeonides

Geraldine Gammell

The Scottish Arts Club (www.scottishartsclub.co.uk)


Volunteers interested in the arts are very welcome to join the SPA team. Volunteers with skills in managing social media, writing, marketing, publicity and communications would be very welcome. Please get in touch with the SPA Coordinator Sara Cameron McBean for more information about how you can help make the Scottish Portrait Awards a huge success. Write to Sara Cameron McBean at sara@scottishportrait awards.org