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SPA | Scottish Portrait Awards Registered charity SC044753 | Registered office 24 Rutland Square, Edinburgh EH1 2BW

A vibrant platform for Scottish Talent

The Scottish Portrait Awards creates a vibrant new platform for showcasing exceptional Scottish talent. You can join us on this exciting journey, and bring  more of our outstanding fine artists and photographers to public attention.  

Contributions to the SPA Fund  can help to support the SPA prizes, the promotion of the awards, the exhibition - including potential for it to travel to other places in Scotland - an innovative education programme and portrait workshops. Your contribution would make a valuable difference to this work and be entirely dedicated to the SPA programme. The Scottish Portrait Awards are managed by an experienced and dedicated team of volunteers. All members of the SPA team and the judges provide gratis support to the SPAs.

The SPA Fund is a dedicated fund on the Charities Aid Foundation website  set up by the Scottish Arts Club Charitable Trust (Registered Charity SC044753). The SPA Fund accepts one-off, monthly or annual donations.

The benefits of SPA Friendship

To become a friend of the SPAs donate at least £60 per annum.

In exchange you will receive:

An opportunity to attend an annual Friends of the SPA Lunch with SPA fine artists and photographers at the Scottish Arts Club.

A free SPA 2018 catalogue and an annual SPA newsletter with exclusive insider briefings for SPA Friends on the 2018 finalists.

Advance notice and booking opportunities for all Trust events throughout 2018.

The knowledge that your contribution is helping to build the Scottish Portrait Awards and a unique platform for outstanding Scottish talent in fine art and photographic portraiture.

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'Big Eddy as St Andrew by Kevin M.A. Cunningham

Martin by John Cooper

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