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SPA | Scottish Portrait Awards Registered charity SC044753 | Registered office 24 Rutland Square, Edinburgh EH1 2BW Terms and Conditions


The terms and conditions are arranged in three parts:

Part 1: General rules applying to both the Fine Art and the Photography Awards (all entrants)

Part 2: Rules applying to the Fine Art Award (Fine Art entrants only)

Part 3: Rules applying to the Photography Award (Photography entrants only)

Please read and follow the terms and conditions carefully:


General Rules for both the Scottish Portrait Award for Fine Art and the Richard Coward Scottish Portrait Award for Photography 2017


  1. The SPA competition is organised by the Scottish Arts Club Charitable Trust (SACCT) which is dedicated to the promotion of all forms of the arts in Scotland. The SACCT is registered in Scotland as Charity No. SC044753. Registered Office 24, Rutland Square, Edinburgh EH1 2BW, UK
  2. All funds raised, including entry receipts, for the Scottish Portrait Awards are used for the purposes of SPA prizes, promotion, or related education programmes. All SPA administration is at cost and supervisory support is entirely voluntary.
  3. On Thursday 2 November 2017, the SACCT will announce the winners of the £2000 Richard Coward SPA in Photography and the £5000 SPA in Fine Art .
  4. All exhibiting artists will be invited to attend previews of the SPA Photography Exhibition on Friday 3 November (for photographers) and the SPA Fine Art Exhibition on Saturday 4 November (for fine artists).
  5. The SPA Exhibition at the Scottish Arts Club, 24 Rutland Square, Edinburgh will open to the public on Tuesday 7 November from 10.30am to 5.00pm Tuesday to Saturday until Thursday 30 November 2017.


  1. The competition is open to all artists who were either born in Scotland or, at the time of submission, were studying in Scotland or had their primary residence in Scotland. Artists whose work is selected for exhibition may be asked to prove their eligibility for the competition.
  2. Artists entering the competition must be aged 18 years or older by 1 October 2017.
  3. Artists may choose to enter in either or both of the fine art and the photography competitions. Each artist may enter no more than six entries in each of the competitions (fine art and photography).
  4. All portraits submitted should have been created from life in the first instance and completed after 1 January 2014. Following the first sitting it is acceptable to use photographs as a reference.
  5. Artists selected for exhibition may be asked for evidence of the date on which the work was completed.
  6. All works entered for the competition must be the artist’s own work and must be portraits. ‘Portrait’ may be interpreted in its widest sense. The subject may be one or more people.
  7. The decision of the judges is final and no correspondence can be entered into. All works are judged on an equal and anonymous basis.
  8. All notifications from the SACCT to artists regarding receipts, submissions and collections will be via email.
  9. In accordance with the Data Protection Act, 1998, the SACCT will hold all personal data securely. It will only be used in the process of administering the SPAs, and will not be transferred to any third party.
  10. The SACCT reserves the right to disqualify any piece of work at any stage of the competition if the artist has not adhered to the rules. Anyone who enters the competition who is not eligible or is disqualified for non-compliance with the rules of the competition will forfeit their entry fee.
  11. Artists, or their representatives entering the SPAs, warrant that they are fully authorised and entitled to enter into the agreements contained in these Rules, in respect of all rights in the work including ownership, copyright, moral rights, the rights of the people, names, trademarks, designs or works of art depicted and that no further permissions or conditions are required to deliver these agreements.


  1. Artists must follow the rules of entry outlined on the SPA website www.scottishportraitawards.org/enter
  2. The first round of judging will be completed digitally. It is therefore important that the digital image sent by the artist is of a high quality. For advice please read our Photographing Artwork Guide (http://scottishportraitawards.org/artworkphotol.html)  
  3. Artists must prepare one lower-resolution photograph of the complete work to be submitted with the entry form and have the option of including a second image showing a detail from the work. These images must be sent as JPG/JPEG files, no greater than 3MB each. Ideally, the image of the complete work should be at least 1,080 pixels on its longest side (depending on whether it is portrait or landscape format). To ensure that the image is of the best quality given the file size we recommend saving the file as 72 DPI.
  4. In addition, artists should prepare one higher-resolution photograph of the complete work for use in the catalogue if the work is selected for exhibition. This higher-resolution image should be a TIFF image that will be used in the catalogue if their work is selected for the exhibition. Artists should not send this higher quality TIFF image with the entry form. Artists will be informed if they should submit the higher-resolution photograph.
  5. Images of artwork submitted for the awards should not show a visible signature. See the Photographing Artwork guide for more information.
  6. Artists should not share any images of the work submitted for the SPAs via any social media platform or website until after all the SPA awards have been announced on Thursday 2 November 2017. After this date, all artists participating in the SPAs will be free to share images of their work online.
  7. The entry form will ask if the artist is interested in creating a 2 to 5-minute video about themselves, their work, the portrait and/or the sitter. Artists who create such videos must not share these on social or other media before the exhibition opens in November 2017. Artists whose work is selected for exhibition may be invited to share videos for presentation in the exhibition space. Entrants may also be asked for their portrait videos to be used in film, television or other online broadcast about the Scottish Portrait Awards.
  8. Artwork submitted to the SPAs should not have been previously exhibited in Scotland and should not be entered concurrently with any other competition.
  9. Entry to the SPAs is via donation to the SACCT of £10 per artwork submitted. The donation counts as the entry fee and may be paid via credit/debit card, PayPal or cheque.
  10. Artists choosing to pay by credit/debit card or PayPal should click the button on the www.scottishportraitawards.org/enter web page. This will link artists with the Charities Aid Foundation website page for Entry Fees to the SPAs. Please do not choose to remain anonymous because this will prevent us from linking your payment with your entry to the SPA. Entry fees paid to the competition do not qualify for Gift Aid.
  11. Artists choosing to pay by cheque should make these payable to the Scottish Arts Club Charitable Trust and sent/delivered to: Scottish Portrait Awards, Scottish Arts Club, 24 Rutland Square, Edinburgh EH1 2BW.  Artists should write their email address and title of their work on the reverse of the cheque.
  12. Artists should send one email per entry including the JPG/JPEG image(s) of the work and the entry form that can be downloaded from www.scottishportraitawards.org/howtoenter. Email entries should be sent to enter@scottishportraitawards.org
  13. Entry forms and entry fees must be received by the Scottish Arts Club Charitable Trust (SACCT) by 23.59 hours on Wednesday 31 May 2017.
  14. Each entry form includes confirmation that the subject of each portrait agrees to its submission to the SPAs. Artists whose works are selected for exhibition may be asked to provide signed release forms. As a precaution artists are advised to obtain a signed release at time of entry to the competition. For subjects that are under 18 years, releases should be signed by a parent or legal guardian. Releases may also be signed by legal guardians of adults or by the primary heir if the sitter has died since the portrait was created. (Noting that all portraits submitted must have been initially created from life after January 2014.)
  15. On receipt of the entry fee, digital image and entry form a confirmation email will be sent to the artist.
  16. Judges will be at liberty to remove works from the exhibition that do not conform to standards indicated in the digital submission.


  1. Artists or their representatives who enter the competition agree that the works submitted may be exhibited as part of the Scottish Portrait Award 2017 exhibition at any venue.
  2. Up to 30 fine art submissions and 30 photographic submissions will be awarded a place in the Scottish Portrait Awards Exhibition to be held at the Scottish Arts Club, Edinburgh, in November 2017.
  3. Short descriptions of the work included in the entry form may be used in the exhibition and the related catalogue. Any information about the work provided by the artist will be kept away from the judges until after the judging process is complete. The organisers of the SPAs reserve the right to edit descriptions provided by artists for use in the exhibition and related catalogue.
  4. Artists whose work is accepted for exhibition may be invited to submit a short (two – five minute) video about the work. Some videos may be selected to run within the exhibition space.
  5. Artists whose work(s) have been selected for exhibition will be notified by email by Monday 18 September 2017.  
  6. Artists selected for the exhibition will receive one free ticket to the Awards event on 3 November 2017. The cost of travel and accommodation for this event is the responsibility of the artist.
  7. The exhibition at the Scottish Arts Club will be open to the public from 11am to 5pm, Tuesday-Saturday from Tuesday 7 November to Thursday 30 November 2017



(A) Insurance

  1. The responsibility for damage or loss, however and whenever caused, is the responsibility of the artist. Artists are therefore advised to arrange adequate insurance cover against such risks. The sponsors, the carriers, storage facility, the judging venue, the touring venues, any other subcontractor or the SACCT shall not be liable for any loss or damage, whether or not caused by their negligence.

(B) Delivery

  1. Works selected for exhibition must be delivered to the collection venue at 19 Atholl Crescent Lane, Edinburgh EH3 8ET between the hours of 11am and 4pm on Monday 16 October. Artists are responsible for ensuring their works are delivered at the appropriate time and day.
  2. An SACCT representative will provide a receipt on delivery of the work for those works that are delivered in person.
  3. Please note that the SACCT cannot acknowledge receipt of artwork sent by post. Applicants requiring proof of delivery by post are advised to use a recorded delivery service.
  4. Deliveries in-person, by post or by courier will be accepted in suitable packaging which will be discarded after transport to the exhibition venue. The SACCT has no space to store packaging materials.
  5. If a courier is shipping works, artists must take full responsibility for all costs. The artist should not tick the box advising the courier company to bill the recipient. Equally on the return of any work the artist should not tick the box indicating that the sender will pay the transport. The SACCT will not cover these costs and will instruct the shipper to contact the artist directly for payment.
  6. If works are being sent from abroad, it is the artist’s responsibility to check with their courier company that their paintings/photographs have cleared Customs and have been delivered on the required dates. The artist is responsible for any import Customs charges and duties if works are being shipped from abroad.

(C) Collection

  1. All arrangements for collection and the cost of returning works after exhibition is the responsibility of the artist.
  2. Works selected for exhibition cannot be removed before the end of the exhibition. All exhibited works must be collected at the end of the exhibition from the Scottish Arts Club. Works will be available for collection from between 11am and 3pm on Friday 1 December.
  3. Artists must provide all packaging materials for return of items. The SACCT will not be responsible for wrapping works or for providing wrapping materials for any works being returned.
  4. Artists relying on couriers to collect their work must advise the courier of the need to provide packaging materials and to pack the items. Artists are responsible for all courier costs including packaging.

(D) Uncollected artworks

  1. Any paintings uncollected after Monday 4 December 2017 will be stored at a separate location for one week and the artist may be charged a storage fee. In order to release paintings from storage, all charges must be paid in full. The SACCT will not arrange courier collections or post works on behalf of the artist.
  2. The SACCT reserves the right to dispose of or destroy any work not collected after one week of the latest date for collection of exhibited works, without prior notice.


  1. The copyright for all works exhibited will remain the property of the artist, but it is a condition of entry that the artist or their representatives agree unconditionally that the SACCT may reproduce any exhibited works, free of charge, for the purposes of marketing, promotion, merchandise, discussion and education in direct connection with the Award and exhibition, in all media worldwide including the exhibition catalogue and subsequent publications, posters, prints, postcards, the internet and within television documentaries, and may license these specific, limited rights to others only for the same purposes. The SACCT also reserves the right to reproduce selected images free of charge for core non-commercial purposes.
  2. Some processes of the competition may be filmed, and entering the competition constitutes agreement for a portrait to be included in such filming, whether broadcast or not. Artists will be credited for the use of their work, wherever practicable, as the SPAs exist in part to raise the profile of the exhibiting artists.
  3. It is also a condition on entering the competition that the artist agrees that visitors to the Scottish Arts Club are permitted to take photographs of their work for personal, non-commercial use during the run of the exhibition. The Scottish Arts Club will install notices indicating that photography is permitted provided it is for personal, non-commercial use but will not be responsible if any images of the work taken during exhibition are exploited commercially.
  4. Sales of works during the exhibition will be permitted from Tuesday 7 November with 30% commission payable to the SACCT. Artists whose work is for sale must list the price on the entry form.


  1. Works entered for the Fine Art Award may be 2D or 3D
  2. The work entered should be based on a sitting or study from life. This may include any process such as sketches and photographs that are used to initially record the subject and inform the work. Self-portraits and group portraits are permitted.  (Note: Subjects should be known to the artist and have given their permission for the portrait. See rule 28 above.)
  3. Photographs of the fine art work submitted for entry should be a single image of the entire work. Artists may also choose to submit a second photograph showing a detail of the work and submit both images with their entry form.
  4. Artists submitting 3D works may submit one image of the entire work and up to two other images showing details or alternate views of the work.
  5. Works entered for the SPA Fine Art Award may be in any medium which must be specified on the entry form.
  6. 2D submissions must be on a stretcher or board and should preferably be framed and glazed. All 2D works entered for the Fine Art Award should be ready to hang and display.
  7. Artwork will be judged anonymously so 2D works should not be signed on the front. If the work is already signed, please cover the signature before taking the photograph that you send with your entry. (See the Photographing Artwork Guide.).
  8. 2D submissions for the SPA Fine Art Award should be no smaller than 30cm x 30cm and no larger than 150cm by 150cm when framed.
  9. 3D works should be self-supporting with a minimum size of 30cmx30cmx30cm and maximum size of 100cm(height)x50cmx50cm.
  10. Full instructions for installation of the work should be included in the entry form.


  1. All photographs submitted for competition must be in black and white.
  2. Photographs selected for the Photography Award exhibition must be delivered framed and mounted, behind glass.
  3. Photographs submitted to the exhibition should be no smaller than 28cm x 31cm and no larger than 60cm x 60cm (including frame).

SPA refers to the Scottish Portrait Awards

SACCT refers to the Scottish Arts Club Charitable Trust

The ‘artist/artists’ refers to the originator(s) of all works entered for the Fine Art and the Photography Award

The ‘work/works’ refers to the item(s) submitted for either the Fine Art or the Photography Award.

Size matters

SPA Fine Art

SPA Photography

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