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SPA | Scottish Portrait Awards Registered charity SC044753 | Registered office 24 Rutland Square, Edinburgh EH1 2BW Portrait videos

Making a video about yourself and your work is optional. The judges will not see any of the videos until after the judging process has been completed. If you wish to make a video we would prefer this to be in MP4 format. Ideally it should be only 2 to 5 minutes in length.  

We may ask you to share your video with the SPA administration but please do not send it until it has been requested. Videos created about works that have submitted to the Scottish Portrait Awards might be used in online promotion of the SPAs, in the exhibition space or in a film or television programme about the SPAs (if this is made). Artists will be informed and their permission requested before videos are used for these or any other public purpose.

Artists have complete creative freedom about the style and subject matter of the portrait video. You may want to focus on technique, on your experience, on your relationship with the subject of your portrait, on the environment in which you are working, or on any other aspect of your life and work. It may be interesting to create the video while you are working on your painting or sculpture or while you are taking your photograph but this is not essential. You may also decide to wait until after you have finished the work.

If you decide to make a video about your work please do not share it on social media or on You Tube until the Scottish Portrait Awards exhibition has been opened. This is important to maintain anonymity while the judging process is underway.